Daughter of the Nine Moons

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"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library" - Jorge Luis Borges

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Flows of Air pushed the casement in front of him out in a shower of shattered glass and fragmented wood. My hands, Lews Therin panted. Why can’t I move my hands? I need to raise my hands! Earth, Air and Fire went into a weave Rand did not know, six of them at once. Except that as soon as he saw the spinning, he did know. Blossom of Fire. Six vertical red shafts appeared among the Trollocs, ten feet tall and thinner than Rand’s forearm. The nearest Trollocs would be hearing their shrill whine, but unless memories had been passed down from the War of the Shadow, they would not realize they were hearing death. Lews Therin spun the last thread of Air, and fire blossomed. With a roar that shook the manor house, each red shaft expanded in a heartbeat to a disc of flame thirty feet across. Horned heads and snouted heads flew into the air, and pinwheeling arms, booted legs and legs that ended in paws or hooves. Trollocs a hundred paces and more away from the explosions went down, and only some got up again. Even as he was spinning those webs. Lews Therin spun six others, Spirit touched with Fire, the weave for a gateway, but then he added touches of Earth, so, and so. The familiar silvery-blue vertical streaks appeared, spaced out not far from the manor house, ground Rand knew well, rotating into—not openings, but the misty back of a gateway, four paces by four. Rather than remaining open, they rotated shut again, opening and shutting continuously. And rather than remaining fixed, they sped toward the Trollocs. Gateways and yet not. Deathgates. As soon as the Deathgates began to move, Lews Therin knotted the webs, a loose knotting that would hold only for minutes before allowing the whole weave to dissipate, and began spinning again. More Deathgates, more Blossoms of Fire, rattling the walls of the house, blowing Trollocs apart, flinging them down. The first of the speeding Deathgates struck the Trollocs and carved through them. It was not just the slicing edge of the constantly opening and closing gateways.Where a Deathgate passed, there simply were no Trollocs remaining. My hands! the madman howled. My hands!

Slowly Rand raised his hands, stuck them through the opening. Immediately Lews Therin wove Fire and Earth in intricate combination, and red filaments flashed from Rand’s fingertips, ten from each, fanning out. Arrows of Fire, this. He knew. As soon as those vanished, more appeared, so fast that they seemed to flicker rather than actually go away. Trollocs struck by the filaments jerked as flesh and blood, heated in a flash beyond boiling, erupted, jerked and fell, holes blown entirely through their thick bodies. Often, two or three behind fell victim as well before a filament died. He spread his fingers and moved his hands slowly from side to side, spreading death across the whole line. Blossoms of Fire appeared that were not his weaving, and Death-gates, slightly smaller than Lews Therin’s, and Arrows of Fire that must have been Logain’s. The other Asha’man were paying attention, but few would be where they could see those last two webs spun.

Trollocs fell by the hundreds, the thousands, riven by lightning bolts and balls of fire. Blossoms of Fire and Deathgates and Arrows of Fire, the earth itself exploding beneath their feet, yet on they raced, roaring and waving their weapons, Myrddraal riding close behind, black-bladed swords in hand.


Robert Jordan, Knife of Dreams: Chapter 19 - Vows. 

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Hello to all the One Piece fandom! On August 4th, the One Piece manga by Eiichiro Oda will have been in publication for 17 years! After last years very successful 16th anniversary celebration, we’ve decided to try to outdo ourselves for the 17th and turn the whole week into a party! From August 4th to August 10th, we’re offering a different theme prompt that addresses a different part of the series we love so much. Graphics, fanart, fanfiction, and even analysis and opinions are all welcome! 
Please make use of the tag #opanniversary to help others find your posts dedicated to this 17th anniversary celebration. Of course, we encourage everyone to celebrate in their own way, and graphics, art, and writing not specifically related to our prompts are welcome to use the opanniversary tag as well. 
A special thank you to dressrosas, furanky, and calgaras for organizing all of this! Without further ado, here are the theme prompts, in order from the 4th to the 10th:

Laughter - Whether in Luffy’s first showdown with a Shichibukai, or in the chaos of Enies Lobby, Oda has never hesitated to break up even the most serious moments with a joke. This is a very simple prompt—what in One Piece has made your sides cramp and plundered your ability to breath with laughter? 
Villains & Antagonists - It’s been said that a story is only as good as it’s villain. Whether it’s the enemies you hate or the enemies you love, there are plenty of pirates, Marines, priests, and assassins who have gotten in our heroes’ way over the years. Though it’s helpful to keep in mind that not all antagonists are evil, and that sometimes even the heroes of our story dip into what some might call villainy…
Art - After 17 years, Oda has drawn over 13,000 manga pages and over 130 color spreads, so he’s definitely given us enough to work with. What is your favorite period of Oda’s art, favorite character designs, favorite islands and architecture, favorite double spreads or color spreads and more?  
Tears - The men and women of One Piece have never been afraid to cry when the moment’s right, and it’s a rare thing to find a reader who can make it through One Piece with dry eyes all the way. This is a day dedicated to all the tears that this story has produced, both from the people in it, and from the people who read it. Who would have thought a fun story about a pirate made out of rubber could crush so many hearts? 
Foreshadowing - It’s a well known fact that Oda never forgets. Over the course of over 750 chapters, there have been plenty of mysteries we’ve been introduced to, and some of them we’ve even gotten the answers to. From Rayleigh’s first appearance in chapter 19, 481 chapters before we found out who he was, to the still unsolved mystery of the Will of D., Oda has left us a long trail of things to look forward to in the future. What connections, mysteries, characters, islands, and plot points have you been most interested in and exited about throughout the series? 
Relationships/Interactions - Friendships, rivalries, families, enemies, allies, drinking buddies, master and student, Captain and crew, hero and villain, parent and child, or just two old Marines bickering over rice crackers. What are the relationships and interactions between characters you love most in the series?  With around 800 characters, there are plenty of relationships to choose from. 
Dreams - Could there be a better theme to end our week of festivities with than this? Possibly more than anything else, dreams are the driving force behind this whole adventure. From dreams of pirate royalty and dreams of reunions with whales, all the way to a four year old Oda’s dreams of being a mangaka to avoid having a “real job,” we wouldn’t have the story we love without them. With any luck, this story has inspired a few of us to chase our dreams as well.

Erich Maria Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front

Poppy Z. Brite, Lost Souls

Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Boys
Ouran High School Host Club | Hitachiin Twins | Episode 5


enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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A Week Without Regrets

Day 1: General


First of all, Boromir did not want power. Yes, he wanted the ring. But so did like… half of Middle Earth. Because that is the very essence of the ring - One Ring to Rule Them All. It has almost a life about it, and a kind of draw that brings people in. Many people believe that it only has a draw of power, but that is not so. In many cases, the desire of the ring does not come from power at all; it comes from a desire of hope and change. 

In Boromir’s case, he did not want power. He wanted to help his people. His life completely revolved around making his father happy and bringing pride to Gondor. It was a falling city, scrambling to keep its fingernails on the edge of failure. He saw the ring as an opportunity to bring his kingdom back to what it used to be. Not as an opportunity to rule over others. The ring is very misleading in this case. People are drawn to it for a variety of reasons. His reasoning for wanting the ring was noble and just. 

SECONDLY. BOROMIR IS A MAN OF VALIANCE AND COURAGE AND COMPASSION. This is shown ALL through the novels and the film adaptation. And assuming you have only seen the movies, based on your absolutely ridiculous assessment of this character, I’m going to use the movies to demonstrate why he’s not as evil as you seem to think. 1) HE IS VERY CONCERNED ABOUT THE HOBBITS. He’s the one that suggests they get to better terrain to make sure the hobbits don’t freeze. And not just Frodo so the ring stays in tact, but all of them. In fact at one point he’s holding Merry and Pippin close to him to keep them warm. OPENING YOUR ARMS TO SOMEONE IS AN EXTREME SHOW OF GOOD WILL. 2) He made a mistake. And when Frodo finally escapes his rage-blinded gaze, Boromir falls onto the ground and sorrowfully mutters “What have I done.” showing that this is not who he usually is; that he’s done something that his character would not usually allow. 3) He fights to his DEATH to PROTECT the hobbits. NOT JUST THE RING. THE HOBBITS.

When Aragorn rushes to him, the first thing Boromir sputters is “They took the little ones.” Not Frodo, who is bearing the ring. The ring was not his concern, and he knew Frodo was alright. It was Merry and Pippin. He was scared for them. Those words were his main concern. He needed Aragorn to know that the hobbits were in trouble. 



Gawyn had such potential to be a sweet awesome dude and instead he just slowly became a big dumb turd

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Marisha Pessl, Night Film